Due to not being able to get a grounds to hold Grand Day, and having only just come out of
Lockdown, we have decided to run a virtual event instead.

• The competition is open to all current members of DCAS.• Rounds shot will be 6 dozen arrows at the longest distance that you would have shot at
Grand Day. So for the majority of Ladies and Gents shooting the National, you will
shoot 6 dozen arrows at 60 Yards.

  • Ladies, Gents and Boys U18 – 60Y
  • Boys U16, Girls U18 – 50Y
  • Boys U14, Girls U16 – 40Y
  • Boys U12, Girls U14 – 30Y
    Girls U12 – 20Y

• Remember Imperial Scoring. 9, 7, 5, 3 and 1.
• Rounds can be shot over any number of sessions between 1st May and 6th June 2021.
Six sighters may be taken at the start of each shooting session. You may shoot more
than once but your final chosen score must be submitted before midnight on the 6th
• Ianseo will be used to record scores and produce results and as they are received will
be published on Ianseo.net
• Scores should be submitted to the organiser via Ianseo and its phone app “Ianseo
Scorekeeper”. Details on how to set this up will be sent when you enter.
• All recognised target bow styles can partake, if you do not shoot one of these you will
be popped in the most appropriate category, i.e. Horsebow would be categorised as
• Rounds must be shot at a registered range. Only archers who can shoot safely and do
so in socially distanced settings and accordance with local health guidelines are
permitted to participate.
• Awards may be made according to entries received.
• To enter fill in the google form
• If you have any questions then they may be emailed to teammanager@dcas.org.uk.