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Over the forthcoming weeks, as your new CCO, I will be adding information to this page which will cover a range of information covering coaching, training, renewal process, forms that are required, and links to ArcheryGB information that will help you to continue to grow as a coach.

Upload Docs to Sport80

Please log into the members portal here: and follow the steps below to upload your Child Protection course certificate of attendance:

  1. Click ‘View Profile’ on your profile card
  2. Click ‘Profile’ to open a dropdown list
  3. Select ‘Qualifications’ (below Profile, Online Training and Memberships)
  4. Click on ‘+ ADD Qualification’ and ‘+ ADD Child Protection Course
  5. Add date achieved, upload a copy of your certificate and click ‘+ ADD
  6. Your entry will show ‘Pending Approval’. This will change to ‘Current’ once it has been reviewed and approved by our Safeguarding Team

Child protection process

Please find the link to the revised safeguarding guidance for coaches which was published in September and the changes came into effect from 1 October. The guidance document is in the resources section of the safeguarding training web pages.

In summary, we no longer accept the NSPCC courses because they are not tutor led. The new guidance is that training must be tutor led so that it is interactive which is a better type of learning for coaches. In England and Wales the course is called Safeguarding and Protecting Children and was produced by the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU). The providers of the course are UK Coaching, Sport Structures and some Active Partnerships. The course is around 3 hours long, costs between £30 and £33 and can be done face-to-face or in an online classroom format. The cheapest course currently is through Sport Structures at £30 but only available in online format.

In the new guidance, we also set out how renewing coaches can do the renewal version of the Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop which costs £16.99. However, this is only acceptable for (a) renewing coaches not new coaches and (b) for those who previously did the full version of the workshop. The idea is that every 6 years (2 cycles) a full tutor led course is done. It can be alternated so during one 3 year cycle the full course is completed and then the next 3 year cycle the renewal version can be completed. I hope this makes sense!

The links to the courses are in the guidance document but for simplicity I have listed them below:

Online Sport Structures

Online UK Coaching

Face to Face UK Coaching

Renewal Version

The renewal version is only available online and it is a shorter course lasting 90 minutes. The course covers general safeguarding and then a more specific module. Coaches must choose which one of the three modules they wish to cover. The options are:

  1. Deaf and Disabled Children
  2. Digital Kids
  3. Positive Parents

When coaches have completed their training, the provider will send them a certificate of attendance. This certificate should be uploaded to their Sport 80 profile in the qualification section because this evidences their training, and it is mandatory as part of the renewal process. Once it is uploaded it will state “pending approval” and that is because I must check the certificate to ensure it is the correct type of course that has been completed and then I approve it. Once I click “approve” the pending status is removed and there will be a start and expiry date of the training. These are the instructions for uploading the certificate, but if coaches have any difficulty, they can email it to me, and I can add it to their record for them.

  1. Click on Qualifications from list (4th option below profile)
  2. Click + ADD QUALIFICATION blue button on top right hand side
  3. Click +ADD button next to Child Protection Course
  4. In the Date Achieved box add the date of attendance shown on the certificate
  5. In Certificate Upload click on Choose File to locate your file and click on the file
  6. Click on + ADD button on right hand side

Vetting and DBS checks

Archery GB staff and volunteers in regulated roles are required by law to have a vetting check in place. Archery GB is committed to keeping archery a safe and welcoming sport for all.

Archery GB staff and volunteers in regulated roles are required by law to have DBS or other vetting checks

Archery GB is committed to keeping archery a safe and welcoming sport for all. Vetting checks are carried out on anyone who fulfils the roles of:

  • Sports Coach
  • Non-certified Coach/Archer
  • Child Protection Officer/Welfare
  • Officer/Safeguarding Officer
  • Club Supervisor

Scotland uses the Protected Vulnerable Groups (PVG) check and Northern Ireland uses the Access Northern Ireland check – more information on these checks is further down the page.

To get your DBS check in place, you need to complete a DBS check form and have this verified by a recognised club official (your club chair, secretary or treasurer), or the county CCO. This ID form should be scanned and emailed to, Archery GB will then guide you through the rest of the process. After your DBS certificate is issued, you can join the update service which will make your future renewals much easier and quicker.

To follow the latest AGB guidelines please click here to read through the current national governing bodies process

Dave Leader
DCAS – County Coaching Organiser

If you have any questions relating to archery coaching, no matter what topic, please contact me using the form below.

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