In line with Government and Archery GB Guidelines it has been decided to cancel both the Junior and Senior GWAS Intercounty events this year.
Instead we will be running two virtual competitions which will be open to all current members of The Region.

Rounds will be:
Senior Event
Ladies and Gents Recurve and Longbow

          World Archery 70m round; 6 doz @ 70m, 122cm face
Ladies and Gents Compound
          World Archery 50m round; 6 doz @ 50m, 80cm face (full size or 6-zone)
Ladies and Gents Barebow
World Archery 50m Barebow round; 6 doz @ 50m, 122cm face

Junior Event
Juniors may opt to shoot the adult rounds, the WA 60m Cadet round or the equivalent Archery GB rounds. The round chosen must be appropriate to your age (as at 1st September 2020) or to a higher age group.

Junior Gents or Ladies under 18
          World Archery 60m Cadet round; 6 doz @ 60m, 122cm face
Junior Gents or Ladies under 16
          Archery GB 122-50 round; 6 doz @ 50m, 122cm face
Junior Gents or Ladies under 14
          Archery GB 122-40 round; 6 doz @ 40m, 122cm face
Junior Gents or Ladies under 12
          Archery GB 122-30 round; 6 doz @ 30m, 122cm face
Junior Gents under 14
          Archery GB 80-40 round; 6 doz @ 40m, 80cm face (full size or 6-zone)
Junior Ladies under 14
          Archery GB 80-30 round; 6 doz @ 30m, 80cm face (full size or 6-zone)

• Rounds can be shot over any number of sessions throughout September 2020. Six sighters may be taken at the start of each shooting session.
• All recognised target bow styles can partake, if you do not shoot one of these you will be popped in the most appropriate category, i.e. Horsebow would be categorised as Barebow
Rounds must be shot at an AGB registered range. Only archers who can shoot safely and do so in socially distanced settings and accordance with local health guidelines are permitted to participate.
Scores should be submitted to the organiser via Ianseo and its phone app “Ianseo Scorekeeper” *. More details on how to set this up will be sent when you enter. You may shoot more than once but your final chosen score must be shot on or before the 30th September 2020 and submitted by midnight on the 2nd October.
Details and scores as they are received can be found at
The final makeup of county teams (Junior and Senior) and therefore the counties winning The 2020 Grand Western Counties Covid Challenges will be decided once we have an idea of participation level.
All members of the winning Junior and Senior County Teams will receive free entry into the 2021** GWAS Championships to include the Indoor, Outdoor, Field and Clout Events. A total prize fund of over £2000!!

To enter please email Tim Pratt, cc’ing Vicky Burden and Vikki Gallop with your Name, Club, Archery GB membership number, bow style and the round you wish to shoot. Juniors, please state your age as at 1st September 2020.

If you have any questions or queries please emailVikki Gallop in the first instance.

We hope as many of you as possible will join in with these events and have some fun in doing so. This is your chance to represent your county and get some competitive archery under your belts in 2020!

We look forward to receiving your entries and scores 😊

Tim, Vicky & Vikki

*If you are unable to use the Ianseo Scorekeeper App we will accept scores by email, either a photograph of your score sheet, a screen shot or an “app extract”. Please email your details as above so that we know to expect something from you. Completed score sheets should be emailed to Tim, Vicky, and Vikki as one of us will need enter your score manually!
** If the event does not take place in 2021 the free entry will carry over to the following year.