DCAS archers should now be aware that Archery GB have released new Outdoor Classifications and Handicaps for 2023 which now cover a wider range of abilities and indeed Rounds. These include new archers likely to be able to get from third to first class classification by entering just one 12 dozen round, such as a York or WA1440.

The handicap tables are completely revised and based on a new system. Archers using scoring Apps may need to check they have updated. For those Records Officer using Golden Eecords a new update happened on Wednesday.

The new outdoor score tables can be found on the AGB Website here:


There is also a new Calculator available which covers these changes, allowing clubs to create handicaps and classifications for club rounds, and it also has some interesting features such as comparable scores for other rounds and typical group sizes for the round entered along with the normal information such as Handicap and classification.

Here is a link to that: https://archerycalculator.co.uk