This year’s DCAS AGM will be held online and you need to register if you wish to attend. Any questions you want to ask must be submitted in advance.
Notice is hereby given to all DCAS members of the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Devon and Cornwall Archery Society.
Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the Covid19 pandemic, and the associated restrictions to control the spread of the virus, the meeting will be held as a virtual meeting online using the Go To Meeting platform on Sunday 22nd November 2020 starting at 2.00pm.
All affiliated members of the Society are entitled to attend the AGM, and all Senior affiliated members of the Society are entitled to vote.
The AGM is your opportunity to have your say in the running of your Society, and to elect the Committee who will manage the Society on your behalf for the next 12 months. Please, therefore, try to attend the AGM yourself or encourage another member to come to
represent your club.
In accordance with our constitution all members of the management committee are subject to election at the AGM and you have the right to nominate members. You are also entitled to propose any matter for consideration at the AGM. Matters will be included at the
Chairman’s discretion insofar as time allows.
If you want to attend the AGM, send apologies, nominate a member of the committee, ask a question or propose a matter to the chairman to consider for the agenda, let the committee know using the following survey: