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DCAS Documents

Documents will be in Adobe Acrobat Reader Format.

If you are looking for a definitive list of DCAS Club Secretaries, please contact the societies Secretary.


Important Documents

DCAS Constitution (dated 28th November 2004)

DCAS Data Protection Policy (dated May 2018)

DCAS Data Privacy Policy (dated May 2018)

Roy Skipper Tournament Organisers Trophy Form 2014

A document detailing how the Junior Fund can be used can be found here

A document detailing how Coaching Grants may be obtained can be found here


Summaries from DCAS Committee

Summary from July Meeting

Summary from October Meeting

Summary from November Meeting

Summary from December

Summary from January

Summary from February

Summary from June

Summary from July Junior July Nationals GWAS Coaching Newsletter 

Summary from September

Summary from October

Summary from November

Summary from March 2013

Summary from May 2013 Notice from Phil Hudson ArcheryGB and Active Devon Seminar

Summary from July 2013

Summary from August 2013

Summary from November 2013

Summary from December 2013

Summary from June 2014 GWAS Junior Outdoor Champs Entry Junior County Team Application

Summary from July 2014

Summary from September 2014

Summary from October 2014

Important Notices

2014 DCAS Draft AGM Minutes - 21st October 2015

2013 DCAS AGM Minutes - 6th April 2013

2012 DCAS AGM Minutes - 24th January 2013

2011 DCAS AGM Minutes - 24th January 2013

Letter from the Secretary regarding 2011 DCAS AGM - 4th November 2011

Letter from the Secretary regarding 2017/2018 Affiliation Fees - 5th July 2017

2013 DCAS AGM Notice - 5th November 2013

2014 DCAS AGM Notice - 30th October 2014

2013 DCAS AGM Agenda - 15th November 2013

2014 DCAS AGM Notice - 30th October 2014

2015 DCAS AGM Notice - 21st October 2015